Short Book Review: Frankenstein – Mary Shelley


Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, even though it was published in 1818, still concerns very common issues in our society, such as respect for differences, how “knowledge is power”, ethics in technologies and crimes

The story is an old classic and it tells how Victor Frankenstein, a hard-working scientist, gives life to an inanimate body (through unorthodox experiences) believing that such discovery will lead to further scientific advances. However, little did he know that he had created a monster that would get him into trouble

The most fascinating part of the book for me is when Frankenstein (the monster) learns how to communicate by observing a family through the window. He really understands what humans are like (he even read Sorrows of Young Werther by Goethe in order to teach himself how to read) and he is rejected when he tries to contact them, as they were afraid and did not see humanity within the monster itself. The creature believes that it has the right to happiness, as a living creature, and demands that Victor create a female partner like himself

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